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Welcome to glamorous dreams
and sparkling decadence!

Marlene von Steenvag studied literature and acting and is a true Queen of Burlesque. She is recognised as 'Germany's most glamorous Burlesque Artist'. Her shows operate at the high end of classical glamour and beauty Burlesque. Her spectrum resembles the facets of a diamond. From pompous Las Vegas and Moulin Rouge style, via theatrical dramatic performances to fetishly touched shows, she serves the high end of Burlesque with all it's glance and splendor. Marlene von Steenvag seduces you into a world of passion and dreams.

She is the intitiator of the Berlin Burlesque Festival and Salon Kokett, takes part in film and TV productions and models for various campains.

Some of her signature shows are 'Rheingold', 'Chiffon and Leather', 'Opiumbath', 'Spakling Champagne', 'Pan's Dream', ' Parisienne Passion', 'Dance of the Bacchantin' and 'Bird of Paradise'.

Be embraced with magic!

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Marlene van Steenvag
Marlene van Steenvagag
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