Enter my world of glamorous dreams and sparkling decadence. Great to welcoming you here. My art resembles many facets: from pompous Las Vegas and Moulin Rouge style, theatrical dramatic performances to fetishly touched shows. A seduction within the high end of Burlesque with all its glory and splendor.





I will give you more insights of who I am and what I do.

Thus, I regularly post on Facebook what happens on stage and behind as well as about great events and my work in front of the camera.

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Marco Sommeroch mir würde auch ein Käffchen am Bettchen serviert gefallen zum Morgen ;-)3 weeks ago

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- NOCH 5 NÄCHTE - Wir präsentieren unsere Stars und Sternchen! Heute: Sankt Pauli Museum e.V. Marlene von Steenvag und Eve Champagne vor dem Sankt Pauli Museum. ln der Langen Nacht lesen die beiden Frauen erotische und unterhaltsame Literatur in burlesquem Ambiente. Foto: Katy Hundertmark Programm: www.langenachtdermuseen-hamburg.de/museen/sankt-pauli-museum/ #LNDMHH #StPauli #Hamburg #Fotoaktion #StarsundSternchen Eve Champagne Marlene von Steenvag- Burlesque

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Burlesque: Humorvoll die Hüllen fallen lassen
Marlene von Steenvag- Burlesque hat einen Link geteilt.
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Humorvoll verführen und fantasievoll die Hüllen fallen lassen: In einem Workshop weiht Burlesque-Ikone Marlene van Steenvag zwölf Teilnehmerinnen in die Kunst des Ausziehens ein.

Burlesque: Humorvoll die Hüllen fallen lassen

Burlesque Festival

Every year I invite to a very special event at Berlin’s famous Wintergarten: The international Berlin Burlesque Festival.

The most exciting artists from all over the world demonstrate over the course of three days their abilities. I would be my pleasure to welcoming you soon as well.

Berlin Burlesque Festival



The Burlesque Academy


Everyone has a seductive and sexy side. Maybe you always wanted to discover this side or even to perfecting it…

In my Berlin Burlesque Academy you will be taught by the best how to undress sophisticatedly. Having fun at the same time is one of the most important factors that makes learning so easy.

Just get in touch with us for general enquiries or the next dates. Maybe you are not far away from the famous stages of this world.



Many reknown companies have worked with me for their advertisments or events. Next to my shows on stage I work a lot in front of a camera.

Find a little selection of who I cooperated with:



For any enquiries, you can contact me or my management at any time. If it is a booking request, ad-production, your next event or just a personally signed card. Just write me..

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